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Elcar, Dana

Born: 1927 AD
Died: 2005 AD
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1927 – Born in Ferndale, Michigan, on the 10th of October.

1983 – He also appeared in the cult hit series Knight Rider in the episode Merchants of Death.

1986 – He brought this education to bear when, with fellow character actor William Lucking, he formed the Santa Paula Theater Center.

1991 – Elcar began to develop glaucoma, a condition of the eyes that in advanced cases, especially if untreated, can cause blindness.

1992 – Once blind, Elcar took on the challenge of playing Vladimir in Waiting for Godot complete with white cane. This was his theatrical swan song, and he retired.

2005 – Died on th 6th of June at the Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California due to complications from pneumonia.


1 (20%) 1 vote