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Elam, Joseph Barton

Born: 1821 AD
Died: 1885 AD
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1821 – Born on the 12th of June in Hempstead County, Arkansas, United States.

1843 – He was admitted to the bar and began his practice in Alexandria, Louisiana.

       – He made his court appearance as an attorney in the parish court.

1844 – He He moved to Sabine Parish and settled in Many, Louisiana, United States.

       – He was elected as a Sabine Parish Police Jury.

1847 – He became the first Mayor in the town of Mansfield, Louisiana, United States.

1856 – He served as a mayor for the second time in Mansfield, Louisiana.

      – He was elected as a alderman of Mansfield, U.S.A.      

1861 – He was elected as a Delegate to the Confederate Constitutional convention in United States.

      – He signed the Louisiana Ordinance of Secession.

1863 – He was elected as a Speaker of the House of Representatives.

1864 – He was elected as a state representative in the post civil war reconstruction legislature .

1868 – He was disenfrachised by the passage of the Louisiana Constitution.

1870 – He stopped a riot by speaking to and calming the crowd.

1881 – He returned home to practice law in Mansfield, United States.

1885 – He died on the 4th of July.

3 (60%) 12 votes