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Ekman, Carl Gustav

Born: 1872 AD
Died: 1945 AD

1892 – Born on the 6th of October in Munktorp, Sweden.

1884 – He worked as a farmhand.

1908 – He was appointed as a chief editor of the liberal newspaper in Eskilstuna , Sweden.

1911 – He gave a seat in the upper house for the county of Gävleborg, Sweden.

1913 – He moved to Stockholm, Sweden.

      – He had a seat in the parliament representing Stockholm, Sweden.

1924 – He became the leader of the newly-formed Freeminded People’s Party in Sweden.

1926 – He served as a prime minister in Sweden.

1928 – He forced to give up power as a prime minister of Sweden.

1930 – He returned as a prime minister of Sweden.

1932 – He forced to resign as a prime minister.

1945 – He died on the 15th of June in Stockholm, Sweden.