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Born: 7700 AD
Died: 8390 AD
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770 – He was born this year.


786 – After the murder of King Cynewulf in this year, he may have contested the succession, but the throne went to Beorhtric, an ally of Offa of Mercia.


789 – He went into exile after being expelled by Offa and Beorhtric. He spent this exile with the Franks on the continent, and although it was said to have lasted three years, some historians have suggested that this period may have actually lasted thirteen years.


802 – He sought greater independence for Wessex. The West Saxons following Beorhtric’s death in this year acknowledged him as king.

815 – He ravaged the whole of the territories of the West Welsh, which probably at this time did not include much more than Cornwall; it is probably from his reign that Cornwall can be considered subject to Wessex.


825 – In this year, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle states that Egbert sent his son Ebelwulf into Kent to recover what had been the rightful property of his kin.


830 – He led a successful expedition against the Welsh, and it was in the same year that Mercia regained its independence under Wiglaf, although it is uncertain whether this was achieved through a rebellion or was the result of a grant by him to Wiglaf.


836 – He was defeated by the "Danish People".


838 – He won a battle against them and their allies the West Welsh at Hingston Down in Cornwall.


839 – He died this year.


















2.9 (57.5%) 8 votes