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Edward VII

Born: 1841 AD
Died: 1910 AD
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1841 – He was born on the 9th day of November of this year at Buckingham Palace.


1850 – He was created Earl of Dublin on 17 January this year.


1859 – He matriculated as an undergraduate at Christ Church, Oxford.


1863 – He renounced his succession rights to the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in favor of his younger brother, Prince Alfred.


1861 – His studies were transferred to Trinity College, Cambridge, but he never graduated.


1871 – He contracted typhoid, the disease that had killed his father, whilst staying at Londesborough Lodge.


1875 – He was installed as Grand Master.


1890 – He was embroiled in the Royal Baccarat Scandal, when it was revealed he had played an illegal card game for money.


1900 – He was the victim of an attempted assassination, when Jean-Baptiste Sipido shot at him in protest at the Boer War.


1901 – He became Prince of Wales after Queen Victoria died; he was the second oldest man to ascend to the throne in British history.


1903 – His most important foreign trips were an official visit to France in spring as the guest of President Émile Loubet.


1908 – He became the first British monarch to visit Russia.


1910 – He died on the 6th day of May this year in Buckingham Palace, London.

2.9 (58.57%) 14 votes