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Edelfelt, Albert

Born: 1854 AD
Died: 1905 AD
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1854 – Born in Porvoo, Finland on the 21st of July.

         – The company of Runeberg had a lasting impact on Edelfelt, who from time to time turned to scenes from Finnish history in his paintings.

         – Edelfelt went on to illustrate Runeberg’s epic poem The Tales of Ensign Stal.

1873 – He studied art in Antwerp.

1874 – Studied in Paris.

1877 – Queen Blanca.
1878 – Duke Karl Insulting the Corpse of Klaus Fleming.

1879 – A Child’s Funeral.

1881-1882 – St. Petersburg.

1883 – Virginie.

1885 – Portrait of Louis Pasteur.

1888 – He married baroness Ellan de la Chapelle with whom he had one child.

         – He enjoyed considerable success in Paris and was one of the founders of the Realist art movement in Finland.

         – He influenced several younger Finnish painters and helped fellow Finnish artists such as Akseli Gallen-Kallela to make their brakethrough in Paris.

1905 – Died on the 18th of August.

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1.7 (33.33%) 6 votes