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Eca de Queiroz, Jose Maria

Born: 1845 AD
Died: 1900 AD

1845 – Born on the 25th of November in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal.

1861 – He went to Coimbra,Portugal to study law at the University of Coimbra.

1869 – He travelled to Egypt and watched the opening of the Suez Canal.

1874 – He worked at Havana stationed at 53 Grey Street.

1875 – He wrote his first realist novel "The Sin of Father Amaro".

1876 – He published the second version of O Crime de Padre Amaro and another celebrated novel.

1888 – His masterpiece Maias ("The Maias") was published.

       – He became Portuguese consul-general in Paris, France

1900 – He died on the 16th of August because of tuberculosis.