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Ebrahim, Farid od-Din Mohammad ebn

Born: 1142 AD
Died: 1221 AD
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1182 – He is one of the most ancient poets of Persia. He has provided the inspiration for Rumi and many other poets. Attar met Rumi at the end of his life when Rumi was only a boy and gave his book Asrarnameh (The Book of secrets) as a present to him.


1188 – Attar wrote 114 pieces, the same number of suras in the holy book of Koran. About thirty of his works survived. He wrote at least 45,000 rhymed couplets and many prose works. Attar wrote biographies of Sufi saints, but the allegorical Conference of the Birds is considered his greatest work which he completed in this year.


1221 – According to legends, this was the year of his deatch. His death has quite a story: It’s said that a Mongol soldier found out who he was and was taking him to his officer when a man offered some money to buy Attar. The soldier wanted to accept but Attar tells the soldier that he is worth more. After they walk more, another man comes and offers more money, again Attar tells the soldier to decline, because he is worth much more. After a while an old man comes along and offers his firewood to buy Attar and Attar tells the soldier to sell him to the old man because "he is not worth more than that". The angry soldier Kills Attar rightaway.

2.4 (48.89%) 27 votes