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Early, Jubal Anderson

Born: 1816 AD
Died: 1894 AD
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1816 – Born on the 3rd of November in Franklin County, Virginia, U.S.A.

1837 – He graduated from the United States Military Academy.

1838 – He fought against the Seminole in Florida as a second Lieutenant in the 3rd U.S. Artillery regiment.

1846 – His law practice was interrupted by the Mexican-American War.

1860 – He was a Whig and strongly opposed secession at the Virginia convention.

1861 – He was promoted to Brigadier General after the First Battle of Bull Run.

1862 – He was wounded at Williamsburg while leading a charge against staggering odds.

1863 – He was promoted to Major General on the 17th January.

1864 – He promoted temporary as a Lieutenant General on the 31st of May.

        –  He commanded the Confederacy’s last invasions of the North.

1865 – He fled when the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered on the 9th of April.

1868 – He was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson (17th President of the United States).

1869 – He returned to Virginia resuming the practice of law.

1894 – He died on the 2nd of March in Lynchburg, Virginia.

2.4 (48.55%) 173 votes