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Dumas, Alexandre (fils)

Born: 1824 AD
Died: 1895 AD, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Writers


1824 - Born on July 27th in Paris, France. A French dramatist and novelist, the natural son of Alexandre Dumas père and the dressmaker Marie Labay.

1847 - He opened with a book of verse, Péchés de jeunesse.

1848 - Succeeded by a novel, La Dame aux camélias, a sort of reflection of the world in which he had been living.

         - Followed, in fairly quick succession, by Le Roman d'une femme and Diane de Lys.

1849-1852 - He dramatized La Dame aux camélias, but for various reasons, the rigor of the censorship being the most important, it was not until the and of February, and then only by the intervention of Napoleon's all-powerful minister, Morny, that the play could be produced at the Vaudeville.

1853-1859 - Diane de Lys, Le Demi-Monde, La Question d'argent, Le Fils naturel, Le Père prodigue followed rapidly.

1864 - Married to Nadejda Naryschkine on May 26th.

1867-1876 - In Les Idées de Madame Aubray he inculcates the duty of the seducer to marry the woman he has seduced; but in La Femme de Claude he argues the right of the husband to take the law into his own hand and kill the wife who is unfaithful and worthless -- a thesis again defended in his novel, L'Afaire Clémenceau, and in his pamphlet, L'Homme-femme; while in Diane de Lys he had taught that the betrayed husband was entitled to kill -- not in a duel, but summarily -- the man who had taken his honor; and in L'Étrangère the bad husband is the victim.

1895 - He died on the 27th of November.


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