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Dubuffet, Jean

Born: 1901 AD
Died: 1985 AD
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1901 – Born on July 31st in Le Havre, France. French painter, sculptor, and printmaker, best known for his development of art brut.

1924 – He gave up painting. As an art student in Paris, Dubuffet demonstrated a facility for academic painting.

1930 – Was making a living as a wine merchant.

1940 – After World War II, as one of the leading artists of the School of Paris, he developed the techniques and philosophy of art brut.

1960 – Dubuffet experimented with musical composition and the creation of architectural environments. In various graphic and sculptural mediums he continued to explore the potentials of art brut.

         – In his later years he also created several large sculptures of black-and-white painted fiberglass for various public spaces.

1985 – Died on May 12th in Paris.

2.6 (51.58%) 19 votes