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Dubois, Guillaume

Born: 1656 AD
Died: 1723 AD
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1656 – Born on September 6th in Brive-la-Gallarde, France. French cardinal, leading minister in the administration of Philippe II, duc d’Orléans (regent for King Louis XV), and architect of the Anglo-French alliance.

1674 – He was first tutor and then secretary to the Duc de Chartres.

         – He violated this position of trust, encouraged every bad element in the duke, corrupting him and securing his own power.

1715 – Dubois was virtually all powerful.

1716 – He was an architect of the Anglo-French alliance that helped maintain peace in Europe.

         – He intrigued his way to being archbishop of Cambrai, the richest diocese in France.

1720-1721 – He was appointed foreign minister, Archbishop of Cambrai, and a cardinal, before becoming prime minister.

1722 – Prime minister of France.

         – He was consumed by his own ambition, and shamed his clerical positions.

1723 – He died on August 10th in Versailles.

2.9 (57.5%) 8 votes