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Dubinsky, David

Born: 1892 AD
Died: 1982 AD
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1892 – Born on the 22nd of February.

1906 – He joined the Bund, where his facility in Polish and Russian as well as Yiddish helped him to be elected assistant secretary within the union.

1911 – He walked out of the prison camp where the authorities were holding him and, after several months hiding in Chelyabinsk and BiaBystok, managed to make his way to the United States with a ticket sent to him by one of his brothers, who was living in New York City.

1918 – Dubinsky was elected to the local’s executive board.

1921 – He became vice-president of it the following year and president.

1988 – He was elected to the International’s Executive Board as a Vice-President.

1923 – Dubinsky was elected to the International Executive Board Benjamin Schlesinger, the International’s President, resigned. Dubinsky campaigned hard for election of Morris Sigman, a former IWW member who took office.

1926 – On the J1st of July, Dubinsky was given a nominal role in the strike, reflecting his power base in the cutters’ union, but was largely sidelined.

1929 – Dubinsky was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the ILGWU.

1936 – Dubinsky and Sidney Hillman, leader of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers, helped found the American Labor Party.

1940 – Dubinsky had hopes of launching a national liberal party, headed by Wendell Willkie, the Republican candidate for President.

1945 – Dubinsky regained his former positions as a vice president and member of the executive council of the AFL.

1957 – He was the most visible supporter within the AFL of demands to clean house by ousting corrupt union leaders; the AFL-CIO ultimately adopted many of his demands when it established codes of conduct for its affiliates.

1959 – He remain Secretary-Treasurer.

1966 – He held the Presidency.

1969 – Dubinsky received the Presidential Medal of Freedom on the 20th of January.

1982 – Died on the 17th of September.

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