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Dowie, John Alexander

Born: 1847 AD
Died: 1907 AD
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1847 – John Alexander Dowie, faith healer, was born on May 25th in Edinburgh, son of John Dowie, breechesmaker, and his wife Ann Macfarlan.

1867 – At 20 he forsook business to study for the Congregational ministry in Adelaide and Scotland.

1872 – Was ordained to the pastorate of Alma and Hamley Bridge in South Australia on May 21st.

1876 – He visited Adelaide and married his cousin Jane on May 26th.

1881 -At Melbourne Dowie joined battle with Thomas Walker, a leading Spiritualist, and published a pamphlet on their controversy.

1888 – He immigrated to United States.

1895 – After two years in San Francisco he went to Chicago where by he was so notorious that a hundred charges were laid against him, although none succeeded.

1896-1900 – Dowie became general overseer of the Christian Catholic Church and established Zion City, forty miles (64 km) from Chicago. ‘The new Elijah’ owned all property there and leaseholders were prohibited from smoking, drinking, eating pork and establishing theatres, dance halls, doctors’ surgeries and secret lodges.

         – He founded Christian Catholic Church in Zion.

1901 – He proclaimed himself to be Elijah the Restorer.

1906 – Was deposed from leadership of Christian Catholic Church in Zion.

1907 – Died on March 9th at Zion City.

2.7 (53.64%) 22 votes