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Bailey, Frederick Augustus Washington (Douglass, Frederick)

Born: 1817 AD
Died: 1895 AD, at 78 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: None


1818 - Born in Baily close to Easton, Maryland.



        - He grew up fighting slavery in the US years before Civil War.



1824 - Worked for Captain Aaron Anthony.



1826 - He was sent to Baltimore, Maryland to work for Hugh Auld.



1833 - He worked for Thomas Auld back to Anthony Farm.



1834 - Worked under Edward Covey who was a "slave breaker".



1835 - Labored for William Freeland.



1836 - Attempted to escape from slavery but got caught; instead, he got imprisoned and sent back to Hugh Auld.



1837 - Met Anna Murray.



1838 - He changed his name as he escaped to New York and married Anna Murray.



1840 - Had a son named Lewis Henry.



1841 - Spoke at one of Bristol Anti-Slavery Society meetings; William Lloyd Garrison urged him to become a lecturer for the American Anti-Slavery Society.


         - He travelled around the East and Midwest giving lectures advocating for the promotion of the rights of the Free Blacks and anti-slavery.



1842 - Had his second son, Frederick Douglas, Jr.



1844 - A third son is born named Charles Remond.



1845 - Published his autobiography "The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave".


       - He went to England around British islands to advocate for the abolishment of slavery.



1846 - British followers bought him his freedom from Hugh Auld.



1847 - Became part of the team alongside Martin Delany and William Cooper Nell who published North Star, a newspaper printed in the Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church basement where undergroun activities usually took place.



1848 - Attended the pioneering women's rights convention at Seneca Falls, New York; he campaigned for the right of women to vote.


         - Helped his family out to become literate by bringing along Julia Griffiths, a tutor.



1849 - His last child Annie Douglass was born.


         - He was attacked in Battery, New York while he was with Julia and Eliza Griffiths.



1850 - Attacked the Compromise of 1850 and the new fugitive-slave law through his publication.



1851 - Changed the name of the North Star paper to Frederick Douglass' Paper.



1852 - He split with Garrison to further promote the abolition of slavery.


         - Got chosen as vice-presidential candidate for the Liberal Party.


         - Delivered his speech "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" in Corinthian Hall, Rochester, New York; it was his most famous speech.



1855 - Wrote his second autobiography entitled "My Bondage and My Freedom".



1859 - Escaped to Canada as he was being searched for being being accused to be John Brown's accomplice in seizing Harper's Ferry.



1860 - He returned to US after finding out his daughter's death in the previous year.



1861 - He urged the Black troops to oppose the Confederacy by pushing for the establishment of Negro regiments in the Union Army.



1863 - Paid President Abraham Lincoln a visit to express his opposition to the discrimination of Black troops.



1864 - Became an adviser to Lincoln during the Civil War and pushed for the adoption of constitutional amendments making sure of the blacks' voting rights and other civil rights.



1865 - Spoke at the memorial meeting called by Negroes of New York for the life and death of Lincoln.



1866 - Joined the convention of Equal Rights Association and aggressively argued that the right to vote must not only be extended to Black men but also to all women as well.



1867 - Didn't accept the invitation of President Andrew Johnson to becoming the commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau.



1870 - Owned and became the resident editor of The New National Era, weekly newspaper in Washington, D.C.



1871 - Became the Assistant Secretary to the Commission of Inquiry to the possible annexation of Santo Domingo.



1872 - Got nominated for the seat of vice-president of the Equal Rights Party.



1874 - Emerged to be the Freedman's Savings and Trust Company president.



1877 - Assigned as US marshall of the District of Columbia.



1878 - Bought the 9-acre estate Cedar Hill in the Anacostia part of Washington, D.C.

US abolitionist, editor, and former slave.



1884 - Got married to his secretary Helen Pitts.



1888 - Became the Consul General to Haiti under Pres. Benjamin Harrison's administration.



1889 - He was appointed as Charge d'Affaired for Santo Domingo and the Minister Resident to Haiti at the same time.



1891 - Resigned as Minister to Haiti.



1893 - Died of a heart attack while he was at Cedar Hill.


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