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Born: 1386 AD
Died: 1466 AD
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1386 – He was born most likely on this year in Florence. He was the son of Nicolo di Betto Bardi.


1404 – He gained the reputation of treasure seekers, and made a living by working at the goldsmiths’ shops until 1407.


1406 – He received payment in November of this year and early 1408 after he assisted Lorenzo Ghiberti with the statues of prophets for the north door of the Battistero di San Giovanni.


1409- He executed the colossal seated figure of Saint John the Evangelist on this year up to 1411, which until 1588 occupied a niche of the old cathedral facade, and is now placed in a dark chapel of the Duomo.


1411 – He worked at a statue of St. Mark for the church of Orsanmichele until 1413.


1415 – He executed five statues for the campanile of Florence’s Duomo on this year until 1426.

1417 – He completed a St. George for the confraternity of the Cuirass-makers on this year.


1425 – He executed the notable Crucifix for Santa Croce on this year, which portrays Christ in the exact moment of the agony, eyes and mouth partially opened, the body contracted in an ungraceful posture.


1425 – He collaborated with Michelozzo on the funerary monument of Antipope John XXIII for the Battistero on this year.


1427 – He finished in Pisa a marble panel for the funerary monument of cardinal Rainaldo Brancacci at the church of Sant’Angelo a Nilo in Naples on this year.


1430 – He received a bronze David from Cosimo de’ Medici, the greatest art patron of his time, for the court of his Palazzo Medici, which is his most famous work.


1433 – He went to Rome to drink for the second time at the source of classical art, when Cosimo was exiled from Florence.


1434 – He signed a contract for the marble pulpit on the facade of Prato cathedral May of this year.


1435 – He executed the Annunciation for the Cavalcanti altar in Santa Croce, inspired to 14th century iconography on this year.


1437 – He worked to the Old Sacristy of San Lorenzo in Florence on this year, with two doors and lunettes portraying saints, as well as eight stucco tondoes until 1443.


1440 – He executed a bust of Young with Cameo now in the Bargello, the first example of lay bust from Classic times on this year.


1443 – He was called to Padua by the heirs of the famous condottiero Erasmo da Narni on this year, which had died that year.


1446 – He also executed seven statues for the high altar area on this year, portraying the Madonna with Child and six saints until 1450.


1453 – This year, he returned to Florence.


1456 – He worked at a wooden Madonna now the in the Duomo’s museum on this year, a piece of espressionistic rendering, characterized by meagerness of the body, the face marked by fatigue and pain.


1461 – He remained in Siena on this year, where he realized a St. John the Baptist, also for the Duomo, and models for its gates, now lost.


1466 – He died on the 13th day of December this year in Florence, and was buried in the Basilica of San Lorenzo, next to Cosimo the Elder.













































2.5 (50.56%) 36 votes