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Dickinson, Jonathan

Born: 1688 AD
Died: 1747 AD
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1688 – Born in Hatfield, Massachusetts on the 22nd of April.

1706 – Dickinson studied theology at the Collegiate School of Connecticut, which later changed its name to Yale College.

1709 – Dickinson was ordained minister of the Congregational church in Elizabethtown, New Jersey.

1717 – Dickinson persuaded his congregation to join the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

1730 – The Great Awakening that started in the profoundly changed religion in the American colonies.

1738 – Dickinson joined with other "New Siders" to form the Presbytery of New York.

1745 – The Presbytery of New York withdrew from the Synod of Philadelphia and joined with the Presbytery of New Brunswick to form the Synod of New York. Dickson was elected the first moderator of the new synod.

1746 – Received a charter for a college from the governor of New Jersey.

1747 – Died suddenly on the 7th of October due to complications related to smallpox.

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