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DiCaprio, Leonardo Wilhelm

Born: 1974 AD
Currently alive, at 44 years of age.
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1974 – Born on November 11th in Los Angeles, California. American actor.

1979 – He appeared on his favorite TV show "Romper Room" and was nearly thrown off for misbehaving.

1991-1992 – Starred in television series "Growing Pains" as Luke Brower.

         – Appeared in the movies "Critters 3" and "Poison Ivy".

1993 – Became a part of the movies "What’s Eating Gilbert Grape" as the mentally handicapped teenager and "This Boy’s Life".

         – He got his break-through part as Toby in "This Boy’s Life", co-starring with Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin.

1995 – Starred in "The Basketball Diaries" as the drug-troubled Jim Carrol and "Total Eclipse" as the homosexual French poet, Arthur Rimbaud.

1996 – Played the lead role, Romeo, in William Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet" with the electrifying and modern-day adaptation by Baz Luhrman and "Marvin’s Room" as Hank.

1997 – Opposite Kate Winslet in the movie "Titanic" that became the biggest box-office success in film history.

1999 – His lawyers filed an application to allow DiCaprio to copyright his own name.

2000 – Interviewed President Bill Clinton for ABC News regarding environmental issues.

2005 – Filed police charges after being attacked with a bottle by an animal-rights activist while leaving a nightclub in June.

2007 – Recently nominated Oscar’s Best Actor in the movie "Blood Diamond" directed by Edward Zwick.

3.5 (70%) 40 votes