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Dellinger, David

Born: 1915 AD
Died: 2004 AD
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1915 – Born in Wakefield, Massachusetts on the 22nd of August.

1950 – Dellinger joined freedom marches in the South and led many hunger strikes in jail.

1968 – He was most famous for being one of the Chicago Seven, a group of protesters whose disruption of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago led to charges of conspiracy and crossing state lines with the intention of inciting a riot.

1970 – On the 18th of February, they were found guilty of conspiring to incite riots but the charges were eventually dismissed by an appeals court due to errors by US District Judge Julius Hoffman.

         – As chairman of the Fifth Avenue Vietnam Peace Parade Committee he worked with many different anti-war organizations.

         – He was a member of the Socialist Party USA.

2001 – Dellinger led a group of young activists from Montpelier, Vermont, to Quebec City, to protest the creation of a free trade zone.

2004 – Died on the 25th of May.

1 (20%) 2 votes