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Deiss, Joseph

Born: 1946 AD
Currently alive, at 69 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Political Leader


1946 - Born on the 18th of January.

1981 - He started his political career as a representative in the Cantonal Parliament of Fribourg, Switzerland.

1982 - He became Mayor of Barberêche, Switzerland.

1991 - He became the President of the cantonal parliament for one year.

         - He was elected to the National Council.

1995 - He served as a Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council.

1996 - He became President of the Committee in charge of the total revision of the "Swiss Constitution"

1999 - On the 11th of March, he was elected to the Swiss Federal Council.

         - He served as a Head of Federal Department of Foreign affair in Switzerland.

2003 - He became Head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs in Switzerland.

2004 - He was elected as a President of the Confederation in Switzerland.


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