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De Andre, Fabrizio

Born: 1940 AD
Died: 1999 AD
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1940 – Born in Genoa on the 18th of February.

1958 – Fabrizio De André recorded his first two songs, "Nuvole barocche" ("Baroque Clouds") and "E fu la notte".

1962 – He married Puny Rignon, a Genoese woman nearly ten years older.

1968 – "Marinella" was recorded and sung by one of the most celebrated Italian singers, Mina, and its author was greeted as the most important Italian "cantautore", or singer-songwriter.

1970 – Fabrizio De André wrote La buona novella, a controversial concept album based on Christ’s life as told in the Apocrypha.

1971 – Fabrizio De André wrote another celebrated concept album, Non al denaro non all’amore né al cielo, based on Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology; the LP was introduced by an interview to Fernanda Pivano, the first Italian translator of the "Anthology" and one of Cesare Pavese’s most intimate friends.

1973 – Fabrizio De André wrote his most "political" album, Storia di un impiegato.

1975 – Fabrizio De André wrote together with another famous Italian singer-songwriter.

1984 – Fabrizio De André turned to his native Genoese dialect and wrote, in collaboration with former PFM member Mauro Pagani, one of his most celebrated albums, Crêuza de mä.

1992 – Fabrizio De André started a new series of live concerts, performing in a number of theatres for the first time.

1996 – Fabrizio De André’s last original album, Anime salve, was issued.

1997 – Fabrizio De André started a new tour of theatre concerts and a new song collection, called M’innamoravo di tutto was issued.

1999 – Died in Milan on the 11th of January.

1.3 (26.67%) 3 votes