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Dawes, Charles Gates

Born: 1865 AD
Died: 1951 AD
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1865 – Born on the 27th of August in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio.

1889 – Married to Caro Blymyer on 24th of January and they had two biological children.

1884 – Dawes graduated from Marietta College.

1886 – Graduated at Cincinnati Law School.

1887 – 1894 – Admitted to the bar and practiced in Lincoln, Nebraska.

1894 – Became president of both the Lacrosse Gas Light Company in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and the Northwestern Gas Light and Coke Company in Evanston, Illinois.

1898 – 1901 – Named as Comptroller of the Currency, United States Department of the Treasury.

1901 – He left the Department of the Treasury in order to pursue a US Senate seat from the State of Illinois.

1911 – Composed tune "A Melody in A" (also "Melody" used as tune of song "It’s All in the Game").

1921 – 1922 – Became the 1st director of Budget Bureau.

1925-1929 – Elected Vice President of the United States on 5th of November.

1925 – Awarded the Nobel Prize in Peace.

1929-1931 – Became US ambassador to Britain.

1932 – Became chairman of the board of the City National Bank and Trust Co.

1951 – He died on 23rd of April and was interred in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago.

2.9 (58.38%) 37 votes