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Davout, Louis Nicolas

Born: 1770 AD
Died: 1823 AD
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1770 – Born on the 10th of May at Annoux (Yonne). He was a Marshal of France during the Napoleonic Era. Better known as Davout, Duc d’Auerstaedt, prince d’Eckmühl.

1788 – He joined the French army as a sub-lieutenant.

1792 – Chef de bataillon in a volunteer corps in the campaign.

1794 – 1797 – Served in the campaigns on the Rhine, and accompanied Desaix in the Egyptian expedition of Napoleon Bonaparte.

1801 – On his return he took part in the campaign of Marengo under Napoleon, who placed the greatest confidence in his abilities, made him a general of division soon after Marengo, and gave him a command in the consular guard.

1807 – Napoleon left him as governor-general in the grand-duchy of Warsaw when the treaty of Tilsit put an end to the war.

1808 – Became duke of Auerstädt.

1809 – He took a brilliant part in the actions which culminated in the victory of Eckmühl, and had an important share in the battle of Wagram.

1813 – He commanded the Hamburg military district, and defended Hamburg, a city ill-fortified and provisioned, and full of disaffection, through a long siege, only surrendering the place on the direct order of Louis XVIII.

1815 – He was the only Napoleonic Marshal never to have been defeated in battle.

1819 – He became a member of the chamber of peers.

1822 – 1823 – He was elected mayor of Savigny-sur-Orge.

1823 – Died on 1st of June in Paris, France.

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