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Davitt, Michael

Born: 1846 AD
Died: 1906 AD
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1846 – Born on the 25th of March in Straide, County Mayo, Ireland. He was an Irish social campaigner and nationalist politician who founded the Irish National Land League.


1855 – He began working in a cotton mill at the age of 9 but a month later he left and spent a short period with another employer, before taking a job in Stellfoxe’s Victoria Mill, near Baxenden.


1861 – At the age of 15 he went to work in a local post office, owned by Henry Cockcroft, who also ran a printing business.


1865 – He joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Fenians organization in Ireland.


1870 – Arrested in Paddington Station in London in May while awaiting a delivery of arms. He was convicted of treason felony and sentenced to 15 years of penal servitude in Dartmoor Prison.


1877 – Released when he had served seven and half years, along with other political prisoners on 19th of December.


1882 – Elected Member of Parliament for County Meath but was disqualified because he was in prison.


1886 – Married Mary Yore, of Oakland, California.


     – He left the Commons with a prediction that "no just cause could succeed there unless backed by physical force." Parliament alleviated this need by granting full democratic control of all local affairs, a form of "grass roots home rule", to County and District Councils under the Local Government (Ireland) Act.


1899 – He left his seat in the parliament in protest of the Boer War and later wrote about it.


1903 – Wrote the book, within the pale: The True Story of Anti-Semitic Persecutions in Russia.


1906 – Died in Elphis Hospital, Dublin on the 30th of May aged 60, from septic poisoning.


3.1 (61.05%) 19 votes