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Davis, Owen

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1956 AD
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1874 – Owen Davis, born in Portland, Maine on the 29th of January.

1908 – He was first represented on Broadway with the Hippodrome musical spectacle The Battle of Port Arthur.

1912 – His first regular play to reach New York was Making Good.

1913 – 1920 – He scored commercial successes with The Family Cupboard, Sinners, Forever After, and Opportunity.

1921 – 1923 – Wrote two highly praised dramas: The Detour and Icebound, the latter winning a Pulitzer Prize.

1923 – 1941 – Several of his other plays, such as The Nervous Wreck and Mr. and Mrs. North, were commercially profitable, they did not fulfill the promise he briefly displayed.

1931 – 1950 – His later works were dramatizations of other writers’ stories. Autobiographies: I’d Like to Do It Again, My First Fifty Years in the Theatre.

1956 – Died on the 14th of October in New York.

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