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Davis, John

Born: 1543 AD
Died: 1605 AD
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1543 – He was born this year in at Sand ridge near Dartmouth. From a boy he was a sailor, and early went on voyages with Adrian Gilbert.


1583 – He appears to have broached his design of a Northwest Passage to Francis Walsingham and John Dee.


1585 – He started on his first northwestern expedition. On this he began by encountering the ice-bound east shore of Greenland, which he followed south to Cape Farewell.


1586 – He tried again this year and in 1587.


1588 – He seems to have commanded the Black Dog against the Spanish Armada.


1589 – He joined the earl of Cumberland off the Azores.


1591 – He accompanied Thomas Cavendish on his last voyage, with the special purpose, as he tells us, of searching that north-west discovery upon the back parts of America.


1592 – He discovered the Falkland Islands in August of this year aboard the vessel Desire.


1593 – After his return in this year, he published a valuable treatise on practical navigation in The Seaman’s Secrets.


1595 – There is work that is more theoretical in The Worlds Hydrographical Description.


1601 – He accompanied Sir James Lancaster as first pilot on his voyage in the service of the British East India Company until 1603.


1605 – He sailed again for the same destination as pilot to Sir Edward Michel borne. On this journey, Japanese pirates off Bintang near Sumatra killed him.

























2.4 (48.57%) 14 votes