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Davis, David

Born: 1815 AD
Died: 1886 AD
2.7 (53.94%) 33 votes

1815 – Born on March 9th in Cecil County, Maryland. He was a American politician, a close associate of Abraham Lincoln.


1832 – He graduated from Kenyon College.


1835 – Davis earned a law degree from Yale and was admitted to the Illinois bar.


1836 – Established a practice in Bloomington.


1844 – Elected to the Illinois legislature on the Whig ticket.


1847 – Attended the state constitutional convention.


1848 – He began a 14-year career as a circuit judge. It was as a judge that Davis became a close friend of Abraham Lincoln.


1860 – Worked assiduously for Lincoln’s nomination and election.


1861-1862 – Accompanied the president-elect to Washington, D.C., and served as an adviser until Lincoln appointed him to the Supreme Court.


1866 – He was never a supporter of the more extreme antislavery wing of the Republican Party, and he angered much of the party with his majority opinion in the Ex parte Milligan case.


1872 – Accepted the presidential nomination of the Labor Reform Convention as a stepping-stone to securing the nomination of the Liberal Republican Party.


1877 – He then drifted closer to the Democrats, who expected him to cast the decisive vote for Samuel J. Tilden on the Electoral Commission.


         – Disqualified him from the commission when he resigned from the Supreme Court to accept election by the Illinois legislature to the U.S. Senate.


1881 – Served one term in the Senate, the last two years as president pro tem.


1883 – Upon his retirement, Davis returned to Bloomington.


1886 – He died on June 26th in Bloomington, Illinois.




2.7 (53.94%) 33 votes