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Davis, Angela Yvonne

Born: 1944 AD
Currently alive, at 74 years of age.
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African American radical activist and philosopher


1944 – Born on the 26th of January Birmingham, Alabama.


1958 – Applied to a program of the American Friends Service Committee, which placed Black students from the South in integrated schools in the north.


        – Attended high school at Elizabeth Irwin High School a small private school favored by the radical community. And was exposed to study of socialism and communism.


1960 – Earned a master’s degree from the University of California, San Diego, returning to Germany for her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Humboldt University of Berlin.


        – Worked as a philosophy lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles.


1970 – Became the third woman and the 309th individual to appear on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List.


       – Involved in Black Panther efforts to garner support for the imprisoned George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo, and John Clutchette, known as the "Soledad Brothers".


1980 – Served as Communist Vice-presidential Candidate.


Wrote "Women, Race, and Class" 1981,"Women, Culture, and Politics" 1989, "Blues Legacies and Black Feminism" 1998.


1995 – Rallied against the Million-Man March, arguing that the exclusion of women.


1997 – She came out as a lesbian in Out Magazine.




2.4 (48%) 10 votes