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Davila, Carlos Guillermo

Born: 1887 AD
Died: 1955 AD
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1887 – Born in Los Ángeles, Chile on the 15th of September to Luis Dávila and Emilia Espinoza.


1907 – Graduated from the University of Santiago, Chile.


1911 – Entered Law School at the University of Chile.


1914 – He dropped out in school to work for newspaper "El Mercurio", of Santiago.


1917-1927 – Established and directed "La Nación" of the same city.


1932 – He founded the Chilean magazine, "Hoy".


1927-1931 – Served as Chilean Ambassador to the United States.


1929 – Received an honorary LL.D. from Columbia University.


       – Another honorary LL.D. from the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.


1932 – He was a member of the Government Junta and for several months provisional President of Chile.


1933 – He was the visiting Professor of International Law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, under the auspices of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


1940 – Chilean Representative to the Inter-American Financial and Economic Advisory Committee.


      – Became the author of the "Dávila plan", which created the Inter-American Development Commission.


1941 – Received the Maria Moors Cabot Award from Columbia University.


1943-1946 – He served on the Council of UNRRA.


1946 – Served as a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


1949 – He authored and published the "We of the Americas".


1954-1955 – Served as secretary-general of Organization of American States (OAS).


1955 – He died on 19th of October while serving as Secretary General of the OAS.




2.7 (53.08%) 26 votes