Born: 4620 AD
Died: 6010 AD
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462 AD – Dewi believed to be born in Caerfai, on the coast just south of Mynyw (now St. Davids).


– He greatly attracted to the Welsh Church and, when he became a man, he was soon ordained a priest. He travelled to the island of Wincdi-Lantquendi (possibly Whitland) in order to study under St. Paulinus of Wales. He stayed there for at least ten years, but is also said to have studied under St. Illtud at Llanilltud Fawr (Llantwit Major) around this time. David was a star pupil and even cured Paulinus of his blindness.


– Eventually, David returned to Henfeynyw where he met up with his relation, Bishop Gwestlan. The two were neighbours and companions for some time, before the Welsh patron moved on to nearby Rhoson Uchaf (Rosina Vallis) near Mynyw (St. Davids). He was accompanied by a number of disciples, including Aeddan, Teilo and Ysfael, and together they founded the monastery of Mynyw (St. Davids).


545 AD – Upon his return to Wales, David was persuaded by SS. Deiniol, Bishop of Bangor Fawr, and Dyfrig, Bishop of Ergyng (and said to be Archbishop of Wales) to attend the Synod of Llandewi Brefi, which had been convened to discuss disipline within the church and to stamp out the Pelagian Heresy. St. Paulinus of Wales had recommended his old pupil, since his six-foot stature made him ideal for addressing the vast crowds.


– The story goes that David spoke so eloquently before his peers that a hill miraculously raised up beneath him. Dyfrig resigned his Archiepiscopate in David’s favour; and he moved the cathedral from Caerleon to his own foundation at Mynyw (St. Davids).


589 AD – David died at Mynyw (St. Davids) on Tuesday, 1st March and was buried in his cathedral, where his relics are still venerated to this day. He must have been extremely old.




2.7 (54.55%) 55 votes