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Daugherty, Henry Micajah

Born: 1860 AD
Died: 1941 AD
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1860 – Born on the 26th of January. He is best known as a Republican Party boss, and member of the Ohio Gang.


1880 – Graduated from the University of Michigan Law School at the age of 20.


He practiced law and began his political career as a city councilman in Washington Court House, Ohio.


1890-1894 – Became a prosecutor in Fayette County, Ohio, then served in the Ohio House of Representatives.


1921-1924 – Harding appointed him as United States Attorney General.


1932 – Returned to practicing law and he published along with Thomas Dixon, The Inside Story of the Harding Tragedy.


1940 – He suffered two heart attacks and was stricken with pneumonia.


1941 – He died peacefully in his sleep on 12th of October with his son and daughter at his side.




1.2 (24%) 5 votes