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Daudet, Alphonse

Born: 1840 AD
Died: 1897 AD
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1840 – Born in Nîmes, France, on the 13th of May to Vincent Daudet a silk manufacturer. He was the father of Léon Daudet and Lucien Daudet.

1856 – He left Lyon, while studied, and began life as a schoolteacher at Alès, Gard, in the south of France.

1857 – On the 1st of November, he abandoned teaching, and took refuge with his brother Ernest.

1858 – Wrote poem "Les Amoureuses".

1866 – He wrote Lettres de mon moulin, written in Clamart, near Paris.

1867 – He married Julia Allard, who is known by her Impressions de nature et d’art and L’Enfance d’une Parisienne.

1868 – His first book Le petit chose, did not, however, produce popular sensation.

1877 – Wrote stories, "Le Nabab".

1879 – "Les Rois en exil".

1881 – "Numa Roumestan".

1884 – "Sapho".

1888 – "L’Immortel".

1897 – Alphonse Daudet died in Paris, France on the 16th of December and was interred in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris.

2.9 (58.82%) 17 votes