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Da'ud, Muhammad

Born: 1908 AD
Died: 1978 AD
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1908 – Born on the 18th of July, son of Sardar Mohammed Aziz Khan and grandson of Sardar Mohammed Yusuf Khan were an Afghan statesman and President of the Republic of Afghanistan.


1953-1963 – Appointed Prime Minister on September, in an intra-family transfer of power.


1956 – His government turned Afghanistan toward the Soviet Union. His main reason was to train both the Afghan Army and Afghan Air Force as a defense against provocations by the Pakistanis.


1963 – Prime minister Daud ordered the invasion of north Pakistan.


1963 – The crisis was finally resolved with the forced resignation of Daoud in March and the opening of the border in May.


1973 – Khan seized power from his cousin (and brother-in-law) King Zahir.


1973-1978 – Became the 1st president of Afghanistan.


1974 – Signed one of two economic packages that would enable Afghanistan to have a far more capable military.


1976 – Daoud sought to increase relationships and trade with other Muslim countries.


1977 – President Daoud met Leonid Brezhnev on a state visit to Moscow from April 12 to 15.


1978 – The head of the parcham faction Mir Akhbar Khyber was arrested by the order of President Daoud on charges of being a KGB spy.


        – The army had been put on alert on April 26 because of a presumed "anti-Islamic" coup.


       – On April 27, Coup d’état beginning with troop movements at the military base at Kabul International Airport.


        – Daud Khan and most of his family were shot in the presidential palace the following day.




2 (39.62%) 105 votes