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Dass, Petter

Born: 1647 AD
Died: 1707 AD
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1647 – He was born this year at Northern Heroy, Nordland, Norway.


1653 – His father died in this year, when Petter was six, and relatives and friends cared for the children.


1660 – At 13, Petter began attending school in Bergen, and later studied theology in Copenhagen. He was lonesome and hard up during his years in Copenhagen, but intellectually stirred.


1665 – He attended the University of Copenhagen, and in 1667 he began to earn his daily bread as a private tutor.


1689 – After his years in Copenhagen, he returned to Norway and became a tutor in Vefsn. He fathered a child out of wedlock, and had to travel to Copenhagen and seek pardon from the Danish king. He also received the living of Alstahoug.


1672 – He was ordained priest, and remained until 1681 as under-chaplain at Nesne, a little parish near his birthplace; for eight years more, he was resident chaplain at Nesne; and at last in


1700 – He asked leave to resign his living in favour of his son Anders Dass, but this was not permitted


1704 – However, Anders became his father’s chaplain. About this time, Petter went to Bergen, where he visited Dorothea Engelbrechtsdatter, with whom he had been for many years in correspondence. He continued to write until 1707.


1707 – He died on the 18th day of September of this year.



2.5 (50%) 8 votes