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Danti, Vincenzo

Born: 1530 AD
Died: 1576 AD

1530 – Vincenzo Danti was born in Perugia. His father was an architect and goldsmith.


1545 – He went to Rome to study sculpture.


1553 – He managed to secure a commission for a bronze statue of Pope Julius III.


1557 – He went to Florence.


1559 – He made a bronze relief depicting Moses and the Brazen Serpent.


1561 – He carved Honour Triumphs over Falsehood, a statue "in the round".


1567 – Started writing a book about rules of order and proportion in architecture.


1569-1571 he produced his most famous work, The Beheading of St John the Baptist.


1568- 1572 – Carved Cosimo I as Augustus.


1576 – He returned to Perugia where he died.