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Dante Alighieri

Born: 1265 AD
Died: 1321 AD
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1265 – Born Durante Degli Alighieri on the 14th of May, into the prominent Alighieri family of Florence, with loyalties to the Guelphs, a political alliance that supported the Papacy, involved in complex opposition to the Ghibellines, who were backed by the Holy Roman Emperor. He was an Italian Florentine poet. As an infant, Dante may have been originally christened ‘Durante’ in Florence’s Baptistery, and the name Dante could be a shortened version of that name.


1289 – He fought in the battle of Campaldino on the 11th of June, with Florentine Guelph knights against Arezzo Ghibellines.


1292 – La vita nuova, a new life, a collection of prose and lyrics celebrating Beatrice and illustrating his idealistic concept of love.


1294 – He was among those knights who escorted Carlo Martello d’Anjou (son of Charles of Anjou) while he was in Florence. He was a member of the Florentine cavalry that routed the Ghibellines at Campaldino.


1295 – Married Gemma Donati, had three children, and was active as councilman, elector, and prior of Florence.


1302 – Dispossessed and banished after the victory of the Black Guelphs.


1304 – The Convivio, an encyclopedic allegory praising both love and science; De monarchia, a treatise on the need for kingly dominance in secular affairs; and De vulgare eloquentia, on rules for the Italian vernacular. In addition, he wrote numerous lyrics, eclogues, and epistles.


1321 – He died on 14th of September at the age of 56 while on the way back to Ravenna from a diplomatic mission in Venice, perhaps of malaria.





3.1 (61.43%) 14 votes