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Dankl, Viktor von

Born: 1854 AD
Died: 1941 AD
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1854 – Born on the 18th of September, in Udine, in the then Imperial Austrian providence of Venetia. Austrian general in World War I.

1869 – At the age of fourteen, he moved on to the Cadet Institute at St. Pölten, Lower Austria.

1870-1874 – He attended the Theresian Military Academy at Wiener-Neustadt, and in Lower Austria.

         – Dankl was assigned to the Third Dragoon Regiment as a second Lieutenant.

1880 – Became a general staff officer.

1899 – Attained the head of the central office of the Austro-Hungarian general staff.

1903 – Promoted to the rank of major general and given command of the Sixty-sixth Infantry Brigade in Trieste.

1905-1907 – He head up the Sixteenth Infantry Brigade, in Trieste.

1912 – Received command of the Thirty-sixth Division in Zagreb.

         – He was moved to Innsbruck to command the Fourteenth Corps.

         – On 29th of October, he was elevated to the rank of General of Cavalry.

1914 – Dankl was put in command of the Austro-Hungarian First Army.

1915 – On 23rd of May he was re-assigned to the resulting new front in Austria-Hungary’s southwest.

1916 – He was given command of the Eleventh Army and on 1st of May; he was promoted to colonel general.

         – On 17th of June, he was dismissed from command.

1917 – Assigned command of the First Arcieren-Leibgarde, part of the Imperial Guards.

1918 – He was rose to commander-in-chief of the Imperial Guards in February.

         – Retired from the army on 1st of December and moved to Innsbruck.

1941 – On the 8th of January, Viktor Dankl died at the age of eighty-six.

1.7 (33.33%) 6 votes