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Dam, Kenneth W.

Born: 1932 AD
Currently alive, at 86 years of age.
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1932 – Born on the month of March.


1954 – Graduated college from University of Kansas.


1957 – Earned his Juris Doctor degree at from the University of Chicago Law School.


       – Served as a law clerk to Supreme Court of the United States.


1960 – Became Law Professor at the University of Chicago.


1971 – Program Assistant Director for national security and international affairs at the Office of Management and Budget.


1973 – Served as Executive Director of the White House Council on Economic Policy.


1982 – He became Deputy Secretary of State.


1985 – Vice-President for law and external relations at IBM (International Business Machines Corporation).


1987 – chairman of the German-American Academic Council.


1992 – Served as a President and CEO of the United Way of America.


2001 – Deputy Secretary of the Treasury in United States Department of the Treasury.




3.3 (65.37%) 41 votes