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Dalton, John

Born: 1766 AD
Died: 1844 AD, at 77 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Chemists, Physicists


1766 - John Dalton was born on the 6th of September.

1787 - Began to keep a meteorological diary in which, he entered more than 200,000 observations.

1790 - He seems to have thought of taking up law or medicine, but his projects were not met.

1793 - His first separate publication was Meteorological Observations and Essays.

1793 - 1803 - He moved to Manchester and was appointed teacher of mathematics and natural philosophy at the Manchester Academy.

1794 - Published Elements of English Grammar.

       - Elected a member of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society.

1795 - He presented the important paper or series of papers, entitled Experimental Essays.

1800 - Became a secretary of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society.

1803 - He founded scientific atomic theory.

       - Became a public and private teacher of mathematics and chemistry.

1804 - He was chosen to give a course of lectures on natural philosophy at the Royal Institution in London.

1810 - Davy to offered to him as candidate for the fellowship of the Royal Society, but declined.

1817 - He was president of the Lit & Phil until his death.

1822 - He was proposed without his knowledge, and on election paid the usual fee.

1830 - Elected as one of its eight foreign associates in place of Davy.

1833 - Lord Grey's government conferred on him a pension of £150, raised in 1836 to £300.

1822 - He paid a short visit to Paris, where he met many distinguished resident scientists.

1844 - Died on 27th of July in Manchester of paralysis.


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