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Daimler, Gottlieb Wilhelm

Born: 1834 AD
Died: 1900 AD
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1834 – Born on the 17th of March in Schorndorf, Germany.


1847 – Completed his six years of primary studies in Lateinschule.


1852 – He decided to take up mechanical engineering.


1857 – Took up his first mechanical engineering work in industry at Graffenstaden, but abandoned to begin studies at the Stuttgart Polytechnic.


1863 – Daimler started in a special factory, a Bruderhaus in Reutlingen. 


1869 – Moved to Karlsruhe, to work at the engineering manufacturer, Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Karlsruhe AG.


1872 – Worked at the world’s largest manufacturer of stationary engines of the time, the Deutz-AG-Gasmotorenfabrik in Cologne.


1880 – Daimler was fired, receiving 112,000 Gold-marks in Deutz-AG.


1885 – Patented a precursor of the modern petrol engine, which they subsequently fitted to a two-wheeler, considered the first motorcycle.


1890 – Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach founded Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG).


1892 – They sold their first automobile.


1893 – Daimler fell ill that led to his resignation.


1900 – Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler died on 6th of March.



3.1 (61.33%) 30 votes