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Dahl, Roald

Born: 1916 AD
Died: 1990 AD
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1916 – Born at 32 Fairwater Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales on the 13th of September.


1920 – His seven-year-old sister, Astri, died from appendicitis. About a month later his father died of pneumonia, or rather of sadness of the death of his favorite child, at the age of 57.


1924 – Attended Llandaff Cathedral School.


1939 – On November, he joined the Royal Air Force.


1940 – On the 19th September, he was ordered to fly his Gladiator from Abu Suweir in Egypt, on to Amiriya to refuel, and again to Fouka in Libya for a second refuelling.


1943 – His first children’s book was The Gremlins, about mischievous little creatures that were part of RAF folklore. Walt Disney commissioned the book for a film that was never made, and published.


1941 – On February, five months after he was admitted to the hospital, he was discharged and passed fully fit for flying duties.


1942 – He began writing, after he was transferred to Washington as Assistant Air Attaché. His first published work; on the 1st of August issue of the Saturday Evening Post was Shot Down Over Libya, describing the crash of his Gloster Gladiator.


1953 – Married for 30 years to the Academy Award winning American actress Patricia Neal.


1965 – Patricia Neal suffered three burst cerebral aneurysms while pregnant with their fifth child, Lucy. Roald took control of her rehabilitation and she eventually relearned to talk and walk.


1983 – They divorce, following a very turbulent marriage, and he subsequently married Felicity "Liccy" Crosland, to whom he was married until his death.


1990 – Died of a rare blood disease, myelodysplastic anaemia, on the 23rd of November, at his home, Gipsy House, in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, at the age of 74, and is buried in the cemetery at the parish church of St Peter and St Paul. According to his granddaughter, the family gave him a "sort of Viking funeral.




3.4 (68.95%) 76 votes