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Daddah, Muhtar uld

Born: 1924 AD
Died: 2003 AD
2.9 (58.1%) 42 votes

1924 – Born on the 25th of December to an important marabout family of the Ouled Birri tribe in Boutilimit, Mauritania.


Studied law in Paris, and graduated as the first Mauritanian to hold a university degree.


1950s – Returned to Mauritania, then joined the centre-left Progressive Mauritanian Union, and elected President of the Executive Council.


1957-1961 – Appointed Prime Minister of Mauritiana.


1959 – He established a new political party, the Mauritanian Regrouping Party.


1961-1978 – Served as the 1st President of Mauritiana.


1971 – Daddah served as President of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).


1978 – On 10th of July, Lt. Col. Mustafa Ould Salek ousted Daddah in a military coup d’etat.


1979 – He was allowed to go into exile in France in August.


1980 – Organized an opposition group, the Alliance pour une Mauritanie Democratique (AMD).


2001 – Ould Daddah was allowed to return to Mauritania on 17th of July.


2003 – He died of long illness, in Paris on 14th of October.




2.9 (58.1%) 42 votes