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Dacko, David

Born: 1930 AD
Died: 2003 AD
2.1 (41.87%) 107 votes

1930 – Born in the village of Bouchia, near Mbaiki, in the Lobaye region, on the 24th of March.


He began primary school in Mbaiki, where his father worked as a night watchman.


1951 – He took part in an experimental educational program promoted by the French colonial administration.


1955 – Dacko was named principal of Kouanga College and became a supporter of independence leader Barthélémy Boganda.


1957-1958 – Served as the first Council of Government of Ubangi-Shari as Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, and Water.


1958 – Dacko then served as Minister of the Interior and Administrative Affairs.


1958-1959 – He remained in the government as the Minister of the Interior, Economy and Commerce.


1959 – Dacko succeeded Boganda as the main leader of the country when Boganda died in a plane crash.


     – Served as President of the Conference of Prime Ministers of Equatorial Africa.


1960-1965 – Served as the first President of the Central African Republic (CAR).


1965 – On the night of 31st of December, General Jean-Bedel Bokassa carried out a successful coup d’état against Dacko.


1979-1981 – Once again he was elected as the third president of the CAR.


2003 – David Dacko died on 30th of November.





2.1 (41.87%) 107 votes