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Daar, Adan Abd Allah Utman

Born: 1908 AD
Currently alive, at 110 years of age.
1.8 (36.86%) 102 votes

1908 – Aden Abdullah Osman Daar was born at Beledweyne, Hiiraan Region.

1944 – He joined the Somali Youth Club.


1946 – Became a member of the party’s steering board and was appointed Secretary of the Belet Weyne section of the party.


1951 – Regional Council of Mudug designated him for the Territorial Council on which he served as the representative of the S.Y.L.


1953 – Appointed Vice-President of the Territorial Council.


1954-1956 – He became the President of the Somali Youth League.


1958-1960 – Re-elected President of the Somali Youth League.


1960-1967 – Elected as the 1st president of Somalia.


     – On 1st of July, he proclaimed the Independence of the Somali Republic.


1967 – In the presidential elections he was beaten by Abdirashid Ali Shermarke.


     – His term as president ended on 10th of June.




1.8 (36.86%) 102 votes