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D'Avenant, William, Sir

Born: 1606 AD
Died: 1668 AD
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1606 – Born in Oxford, on the 28th of February, the son of Jane Shepherd Davenant and John Davenant, proprietor of the Crown Tavern (or Crown Inn) and mayor of Oxford.


1620 – Attended Lincoln College, Oxford, but left before gaining any degree.


Wrote plays "The Cruel Brother" 1630, "The Wits" 1636, opera "Siege of Rhodes" 1656.


1638 – Davenant was named Poet Laureate.


1641 – He was declared guilty of high treason.


1645 – He was appointed Emissary to France.


1649 – Became treasurer of the colony of Virginia by Charles II.


1650 – He was made lieutenant governor of Maryland, but was captured at sea, imprisoned, and sentenced to death.


1651 – Imprisoned in the Tower of London, where at the time Gondibert was written.


1654 – Pardoned after a years of imprisonment.


1656 – Performed the "The Siege of Rhodes" at Rutland House.


1659 – Once again he was imprisoned for his part in Sir George Booth’s uprising at Cheshire.


         – He was released the same year though and fled to France.


1668 – He died in London on 7th of April, and was buried in Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey.





2.2 (43.4%) 100 votes