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D'Albert, Eugen Francis Charles

Born: 1864 AD
Died: 1932 AD
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1864 – Born in Glasgow on the 10th of April, to an English mother and a French/Italian father, Charles Louis Napoleon d’Albert, a dancer, pianist and music arranger.


His father taught Eugen until he won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London.


He became a pupil of the elderly Franz Liszt in Weimar; he often called him "the young Tausig".


Composed "Der Rubin" 1893, "Ghismonda" 1895, "Gernot" 1897, "Die Abreise" 1898, "Kain" 1900, "Revolutionshochzeit" 1919, "Scirocco" 1921, "Mareike von Nymwegen" 1923, "Der Golem" 1926, "Die schwarze Orchidee" 1928, "Die Witwe von Ephesos" 1930, "Mister Wu" 1932.


1892 – He was married six times; one of his wives is the Venezuelan pianist, singer and composer Teresa Carreñ.


1932 – He died in Riga, on 3rd of March, and was buried at Lake Lugano in Morcote, Switzerland.




2.2 (44.68%) 111 votes