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Czerny, Carl

Born: 1791 AD
Died: 1857 AD
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1791 – Born on February 20th in Vienna, Austria. Austrian pianist and composer of piano exercises.

1800-1805 – His father, who was a teacher of the piano, trained him for that instrument from an early age with such success that he performed in public at the age of nine, and commenced his own career as a teacher at fourteen.

1806-1812 – He was selected by Beethoven to perform the premiere of the Piano Concerto No1 and the Piano Concerto No 5 "The Emperor", in Vienna, with "Ludvig van Beethoven’ and the Emperor in attendance.

         – He started his two-year training course with Franz Liszt and continued correspondence with Liszt during his successful career.

1857 – Died on July 15th in Vienna, Austria. Having no family, he left his fortune, which was considerable, to the Vienna Conservatorium and various benevolent institutions.

2.8 (56.47%) 17 votes