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Cushing, Frank Hamilton

Born: 1857 AD
Died: 1900 AD
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1857 – Born in Northeastern Pennsylvania on the 22nd of July.

1881 – He was fully accepted by the community and participated fully in Zuni activities.

1882 – He took some Zuni on a tour of the United States which attracted considerable media attention.

1884 – The group traveled by rail to end of the line at Las Vegas, New Mexico, then on to Zuni Pueblo where Cushing, "went native", living with the Zuni, becoming anthropology’s first participant observer.

         – He returned to Zuni, but was plagued by illness and political difficulties, and was recalled to Washington.

1886 – He was able to return briefly but again had health problems.

1900 – He choked to death on a fishbone on the 10th of April, while on a research project in Maine.

2 (40%) 2 votes