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Cunningham, Merce

Born: 1919 AD
Currently alive, at 99 years of age.
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1919 – Merce Cunningham, born on the 16th of April in in Centralia, Washington. An American modern dancer and choreographer.

1940 – 1955 – He studied with Martha Graham and was a soloist in her company.

1942 – He presented his first work.

1952 – His best-known early works include Suite by Chance and Symphonie pour un homme seul, which reveal his spare, expressive style.

1953 – Formed his own company, beginning to create innovative dances to the music of avant-garde composers, including his longtime friend and musical director John Cage.

1980 – 1991 – His later works include Locale and Duets, Fabrications, and Tracker.

1994 – 2003 – The first work he created with the aid of a computer; Crwdspcr; Installations; Scenario; Biped; Way Station; and Split Sides, with music by the experimental rock bands Radiohead and Sigur Ros.

2.3 (46%) 10 votes