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Cruden, Alexander

Born: 1699 AD
Died: 1770 AD
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1699 – Born in Aberdeen in Scotland on the 8th of June.

1722 – He had an engagement as private tutor to the son of a country squire living at Eton Hall, Southgate, and also held a similar post at Ware.

1729 – He was employed by the 10th Earl of Derby as a reader and secretary but was discharged on 7 July for his ignorance of French pronunciation.

1735 – In April, he obtained the title of bookseller to the Queen by recommendation of the Lord Mayor and most of the Whig aldermen.

1737 – He finished his Concordance to the Bible, which, he says, was the work of several years.

         – Cruden presented the first edition of his Concordance on the 3rd of November to Queen Caroline.

1740 – In December, he writes to Sir Hans Sloane saying he has been employed since July as Latin usher in a boarding-school at Enfield.

1750 – He superintended the printing of one of Matthew Henry’s Commentaries, and printed a small Compendium of the Holy Bible, and also reprinted a larger edition of the Concordance.

1754 – He was nominated as Parliamentary candidate for the City of London, but did not go to the poll.

1755 – In April, he printed a letter to The Speaker and other Members of the House of Commons, and about the same time an Address to the King and Parliament.

         – He paid unwelcome addresses to the daughter of Sir Thomas Abney.

1762 – He saved an ignorant seaman, Richard Potter, from the gallows.

1761 – The second edition of the Bible Concordance was published and presented to the King in person on 21st of December.

1769 – He lectured in Aberdeen as Corrector, and distributed copies of the fourth commandment and various religious tracts.

         – He returned to London from Aberdeen, and died suddenly while praying in his lodgings in Camden Passage, Islington, on the 1st of November.

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